I’m so busy these days that I can hardly do the things that I like to in my spare time. Actually I have almost no spare time lately due to my busi... Continue reading

Last month I went to Hohhot, the capital of the Chinese autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. It’s a developing city that is busy building skyscrape... Continue reading

I have no idea of how you guys learn Chinese. The process of learning English for me is like this: to practice pronunciations (vowels and consonant... Continue reading

平常数据处理时,有时并不直接用Spark或MR来做。一者是我司内部重编译打包提交任务还是蛮麻烦的。 二者若数据量不太大,简单的文本处理awk、sed等做着却更方便省事儿快捷。 但仅仅用awk和sed是不能并行,也就不能充分利用单台机子的CPU的,所以比如尴尬的文件如10G,处理起来就比较慢了... Continue reading

缘起 知乎:如何在電腦或手機的系統/瀏覽器上同時正確顯示 Unicode 的多語種文字? polyhedron微博: 有沒有顯示各種文字都能按該文字最常見的字體正常顯示的字體? 正如知乎上“梁海”所说,Android也就使用的fallback方案。毕竟就算支持所有Unicode... Continue reading