The furthest distance in the world Is not when I stand in front of you Yet you can’t see my love But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both Ye... Continue reading

单讲记忆的话,还是有很多窍门的: 韵律记忆法的古诗词三字经; 谐音联想记忆法的圆周率的记忆; 还有常规的归类比较记忆; 通常还是要根据艾宾浩斯记忆曲线及时复习 自觉效果最好的是意象记忆法,将所要记忆的东西与已有的东西联系起来,或放在一幅画或些许图形中,充分利用右脑记忆 ... Continue reading

才参加innovation works的笔试,十个选择题,一道编程题. 杯具啊,第一个选择题就卡住咯. 问输出 int func(x) { count=0; while(x!=0){ count+=1; x=x&(x-1); } retu... Continue reading

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.(fr:Je t’aime non seulement pour ce que tu es mais pour ce que je... Continue reading

so drunk here. actually, yesterday is my birthday in solar calendar. coz my business in CH, there’s no such a getting together yesterday. with cake... Continue reading