Yesterday in China, the People’s Daily, also regarded as the Party’s Daily, published an article claiming that communism is superior to capitalism ... Continue reading

It’s hard to convey the exact meaning of the dialects in China, but I will try. China is similar to the former Soviet Union in many ways. Mandarin... Continue reading

With the development of the Internet, young people are more involved in the online communities, which gives them a new environment to communicate w... Continue reading

自己之前用的这本《多功能英文字根字典》收录537词根,64前缀,107后缀。字根讲得比较详细,词源归类变种都解得比较完整。词缀就完全做的附录讲得很简略。 新东方和老罗英语都推荐的这本《英语词汇的奥秘》收录252词根,124前缀,165后缀。词缀讲得详细一些,但是词根归类不够。比如只讲了fac... Continue reading

读完村上的《当我跑步时》。一个人,能控制好自己的身体了,便容易控制自己的灵魂。能忍受躯体的疼痛、磨难,也便能度过人生的艰难时刻。村上便是通过跑步来征服自己的身体,进而让自己的灵魂更加强壮起来的。 也记不得是陈天桥还是刘强东说的:坚持长跑,能锻炼自己的毅力。因为在长跑中,在身体透支的那一刻,放... Continue reading